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Introduction of the group

     To prosper the ethnic medicine industry and China pharmacology homologous culture, Hong Kong Happiness Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HAPPINESS) marches for the world market, and its subordinate companies are Shandong Yuncheng Happiness Health Care Products Co., Ltd., Tianjin Happiness Creation International Trade Co., Ltd., Becker (Tianjin) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Tianjin Happiness Kangjian Trade Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Songmaotang Tech &Trade Co., Ltd.. Now, HAPPINESS has become an international conglomerate stretching over many such domains as biotechnology, health management, educational training, e-commerce and financial investment, and integrating the industrial capital, the commercial capital and the financial capital together. The businesses of HAPPINESS radiate more than 50 countries of the world, and it builds branch offices in ten countries and districts and forms strategic alliances with first-grade enterprises of numerous countries in the world. Such diversified products as nutrition and health care foods, health care products, beautify and skin care products and household articles that are innovated and developed by HAPPINESS bring high quality life and health, happiness, beauty and richness to steady consumer groups and partners of nearly 10,000,000 global families.

  HAPPINESS receives the development strategy of “big data and big health”, and Tianjin Becker Health Industrial Park is a comprehensive industrial park integrated with product research, Chinese styled incubation, production-manufacturing, medical science, big data analysis and others. Among which, there is the “big data processing system” and “big health service as the purpose” relied on a R&D Center and a quality testing center with the international standard; with modern manufacturing shops, HAPPINESS will forge a health industry chain integrated with talent flow, material flow, capital flow and message flow, and then develop the health industrial park into a “real big health industrial cluster base”, to create a firmer cause platform and a wider development space.

  The product lineup of HPAAINESS is strong; the brand is individual; products are branding and marketing is elaborate. Every aspect of resource superiority makes the enterprise stand on a higher development level, and depending on strong scale, reliable product quality and honest operation, the company gains a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

  Looking back the development history and looking forward to the future development prospect, with pioneering dash seizing every minute, in accordance with requirements of establishing the modern enterprise system, we exert ourselves to proceed innovation of technology, systems, management and markets, actively introduce technology and talents, vigorously develop new products and realize the best fusion of traditional industries and high and new technology industries. At the same time, continuously excavate internal potential of the company and completely apply two kinds of means, production operation and capital operation, to optimize the capital, and to make the enterprise stride forward towards a modern one with “first-rate technology, first-rate management and first-rate benefit”.

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