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Leader’s oration

Based on the concept of “condition the human and serve the society”, taking the development strategy of “big data and big health”, when Hong Kong Happiness Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HAPPINESS) stepped on the hard road of pioneering, I firmly believed that HAPPINESS cause was certain to bring healthy, happy and rich life to people. Nowadays, HAPPINESS has become a famous national brand that is trusted by millions of family consumers from over 50 countries and districts. “Feel health, create health and spread health”, when people in HAPPINESS spread health all over the world, we are encouraged to prosper the Chinese national brand which really belongs to ourselves, and bring dream health, beauty and abundance to myriads of families, which is our HAPPINESS dream!

HAPPINESS can’t develop without support, trust and endeavor of the partners of HAPPINESS for many years, and even more hard work of the global people in HAPPINESS and partners of HAPPINESS. No other than your paying, support and endeavor, the cause of HAPPINESS continuously gets up new peak, to help more people realize their wonderful life and more partners step into higher goals. Therefore, HAPPINESS always insists on the enterprise concept of “taking the market as the orientation and seeking development from innovation” and the enterprise tenet of “quality, service and mutual benefits”, to provide the most delicate service for three-dimensional, diversified and personalized choices of clients, and forge the most solid and abundant cause platform for entrepreneurs. Seeing more and more partners win healthy physiques for HAPPINESS, and realize successful careers and value of life, our HAPPINESS feel very happy, and this is the most happiness of the life of HAPPINESS!

Condense wisdom and efforts with morality and love. When an enterprise is small, it is personal; when it grows up, it is the state’s, society’s and everyone’s. Our HAPPINESS wishes the global people in HAPPINESS firmly receive the spirit of “sincerity and integrity, people first, solidarity and cooperation and sustainable growth” to cast our wings with inflexible wills, and persistently condenses positive energy of our HAPPINESS from simple appreciation and retribution to tamp and throw ourselves into public benefit philanthropies. Carry forward the kindhearted virtue and initiate the spirit of utter devotion, which has been blended in the blood of the global people in HAPPINESS to promote harmony and development of the society together.

In the future, HAPPINESS will continue to insist its mission: benefit the society; share achievements, according to the requirements of establishing the modern enterprise system, exert to proceed innovation of technology, systems, management and markets; actively introduce technology and talents; vigorously develop new products and realize the best fusion of traditional industries and high and new technology industries. At the same time, continuously excavate internal potential of the company and completely apply two kinds of means, production and management and capital operation, to optimize the capital, and to make the enterprise stride forward towards a modern one with “first-rate technology, first-rate management and first-rate benefit”.

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