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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Insist to innovate management with culture, and insist to take the value innovation road

HAPPINESS Culture: one world, one team, one dream! Do pioneering work with credible people! We are with you all the way!

HAPPINESS Mission: benefit the society and share achievements

HAPPINESS Vision: establish an internationalized listed pharmaceutical company

HAPPINESS Spirit: responsibility, self-confidence and transcendence

Core Value: extraordinary innovation, supreme responsibility and outstanding teams is the core value

Work Idea: god helps those who help themselves

The Concept of HAPPINESS

It belongs to individuals when a company is small; but it belongs to the public, society and country, when a company develops into a big one.

As a reliable enterprise citizen, HAPPINESS has experienced decades of ups and downs. Chairman, Zhou Wenqing, always adheres to the spirit of “universal health” and shoulders the responsibility of social citizens. For many years, HAPPINESS initiates health and humanistic care, and devotes itself to such public welfare undertakings as “charity”, “education” and “environmental protection” with the concept of “coexistence, sharing good and win-win”. It also positively promotes the harmonious development between individuals and society as well as nature. Through building systematic public platforms, it calls on people to care about others, nourish society and reward society to jointly create happy and harmonious life.

From caring about disadvantaged groups and supporting education to protecting environment and relieving disaster and alleviating poverty, from plain gratitude and reward to systematically charitable projects, from public welfare donations to spreading love, workers of HAPPINESS “feel health, create health and spread health”, making public welfare flourish globally with charity donations of more than billion yuan across the globe. HAPPINESS contributes its own power to the harmonious development of society. 

The Values of Management

Feel health- HAPPINESS doesn’t forget the vigorous support from all walks of society, and it rewards society with the most plain and sincere donation act, which fully expresses the profound connotation and constant driving force brought about by its core value “one world, one team, one dream !”

Create health- fulfill the promise of love with practical action, which is the process of creating love; Through the vision of HAPPINESS, its charity and public welfare undertakings can be more systematically and constantly operated, from simple donations to the fulfillment of social responsibility.

Spread health- HAPPINESS thinks that the real meaning of health is to convey the values of health, to increase public awareness of health in the whole society with more love accumulated by action, and to create a good and harmonious life with everyone participating in and dedicated to it.

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