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Anniversary celebration

The first anniversary in Yekaterinburg on June 20, 2015

First Anniversary in Yekaterinburg

On June 20, 2015, we ushered Yekaterinburg company’s first birthday! Chairman of the Group Mr. Zhou Wenqing, Technical Director Mr. Duan Hongwei, Overseas Dealer Manager Ms. Роза came to the annual meeting venue.

First of all, Chairman Zhou kicked off the Yekaterinburg anniversary and sent blessing for the Yekaterinburg branch.

Ms. Роза gave her blessing for the first anniversary in Yekaterinburg.

Technical Director Mr. Duan Hongwei and staff together expressed their wishes for the company.

Excellent Dealer Ms. Инна from Kazakhstan also offered her best wishes for the company.

Leaders of the company listened to speeches of representatives. 


Technical Director Mr. Duan Hongwei praised the leaders of Yekaterinburg branch for the efforts they have done for the company

On the annual meeting, with a lot of passion, Dealers burst of applause from time to time.

At break, Dealers and Group leaders took group photos. 


Foreign Manager Ms. Карлыгаш from Moscow company gave her blessing for Yekaterinburg company 


Foreign Manager Ms. Наталья at Yekaterinburg company distributed prizes for new Dealers. 

Excellent Dealers in Yekaterinburg offered their best wishes for the company


Chairman and Ms. Luo Ze together cut Yekaterinburg’s anniversary birthday cake and shared the anniversary feast with all the Dealers.


At the dinner party, we held a “lucky draw” activity of 30,000 rubles and the company's products, which brought the venue’s atmosphere to a climax.


Enjoying the games


Chairman Zhou danced with Dealers; laughter filled the banquet hall.

Chairman Zhou, Manager Duan and Dealers took photos

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