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HAPPINESS won the prize of “Industry Leader in 2014”

HAPPINESS won the prize of “Industry Leader in 2014”.

On March 3, 2015, the National Commercial Rating Activity of the Organization Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in “Independence Palace” of Congress Hall. This activity was an international economy forum for economic leaders including Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, the he Republic of Belarus and Azerbaijan.

According to the result of national enterprise rating, HAPPINESS won the prize of “Industry Leader in 2014”.

Mr. Liang Naiguo, Director of Overseas Marketing Department of HAPPINESS, and Ms. Шакибаева Разихан Омаровна, General Manager of Kazakhstan Market, participated in this activity personally, and HAPPINESS obtained the national certificate of “Industry Leader in 2014” and the commemorative medal. The National Commercial Rating Committee awarded Ms. Шакибаева Разихан Омаровна the individual medal of “Brilliant Star of Economy of Kazakhstan”. It showed that she had made great contributions to economic development of Kazakhstan. Company leader Ms. Габбасова Саулешхан Омаровна obtained the individual medal of National Commercial Rating of the Organizing Committee because of her dedication and achievements, and Ms. Иманкулова Райхан Омаровна also obtained the certificate of “Expert in 2014” of National Commercial Rating of the Organizing Committee. After the business forum and the prize-awarding ceremony were finished, the National Commercial Rating of the Organizing Committee invited Kazakh singers and stars to the banquet. 

Rewards HAPPINESS has obtained show that under the management of company president, HAPPINESS goes smoothly and pays taxes on time to make great contributions to national development. Our company is aimed at providing health, HAPPINESS and wealth for everyone. Due to all of these rewards, we believe again that we stick to right development direction, and we will become more confident and inspired. Everybody of HAPPINESS family takes pride in good news, which is the best present we receive at the fifth anniversary celebration. 

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