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The biggest discovery in 1990s is that the main material of human’s brain is DHA, EPA which decides human's intelligence, but people universally lack it. If people take in sufficient DHA, EPA, human intelligence will greatly improve. This significant discovery starts a global brain wave. The 101st United States Congress decides that the period of 1990 to 1999 is “the decade of brain”; Japan establishes a law in 1990, ruling that infant milk replacer must contain DHA, EPA. The growth rate of Japanese intelligence has reached 7.7% per decade, far beyond other nations of 1.7%. Rapid intake of DHA, EPA has become a hot topic in the world.

Applicable people:

(I) HAPPINESS fish oil is the scavenger of blood vessels. It plays an unexpected effect on reducing blood pressure and blood lipid and curing headache caused by blood pressure. For arrhythmia, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, viral myocardial, cor pulmonale, cerebral thrombosis, hardening of the arteries, the arteries inflammation, varicose veins, high cholesterol, diabetes, brain, dizziness and other symptoms, it has a preventive and health –care effect. For cataract, glaucoma, and vitreous opacity, it also has a good recovery utility.

(II) It plays a good effect on curing such diseases as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus (sle), herpes zoster, prostatitis, rhinitis and sinusitis. And it also helps recover eyesight and promotes metabolism. It has an ideal effect on anti-aging and anti-fatigue. It can help patients with diabetes stimulate the secretion of insulin.

(III)  It can effectively help cure gastritis, atrophic gastritis, nephritis, kidney stones, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, low blood pressure, constipation, and cerebral thrombosis sequelae (long-term service use).

(IV) HAPPINESS fish oil is good for human brain and intelligence, which is the best brain gold. It can help children and adolescents to enhance memory, to promote the growth of brain cells, to enhance understanding and thinking ability and to improve intelligence and academic achievements. It can prevent the elderly dementia and memory loss, and avoid cold limbs (V) HAPPINESS fish oil has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects.

HAPPINESS fish oil is the scavenger of blood vessels and the main nutritional ingredients of brain.

Human body cannot synthesize DHA, EPA, and must take in rich DHA.EPA by food. It only exists in sea fishes, and other food contains little DHA.EPA. DHA.EPA resolves in high temperature and limited DHA. EPA resolves when food cooked. Our products use modern biological technology, extracted from deep sea precious fish head and added the natural nutrients needed by human brain. HAPPINESS fish oil is the fifth generation of pure natural Marine brain food. DHA.EPA is made by adopting international advanced skills, and it can provide the most effective supplies for brain to improve intelligence and increase energy.

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (20 pentene acid) are major compositions of brain cells and essential parts of highly unsaturated fatty acids of brain nutrition. In nature, DHA.EPA only exists in fish and shellfish. But in the process of fish being heated, DHA.EPA will losses a lot, thus there is the shortage of DHA.EPA intake among human beings.

The distinctive quality of HAPPINESS fish oil

HAPPINESS fish oil raw materials, using sea salmon head and orbital fat, are extracted in low temperature. It is certified by F.D.A., one of authoritative organizations in the United States, and also one of the best fish oil products in the United States. In one grain of fish oil (500 mg), DHA.EPA content is more than 50%. After test, the EPA more than 300 mg, DHA more than 300 mg, the actual concentration is more than 60%. The medical experts in the United States agree on that fish oil of more than 50% concentration can improve rdiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Fish oil of below 40% concentration only has the general health care effect, but there is a great deal of difference in price.

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