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Nutrition and health care

Ointment for Hemorrhoids

Key features include: 

    Relieves fever and swelling, has analgesic effects. Ointment reduces and relieves pain caused by different kinds of hemorrhoids (internal, external hemorrhoids or complex). Has a preventive and curative action.

Instructions for use: 

   Ointment is intended for topical use twice daily, morning and evening. For external hemorrhoids ointment applied directly to the problem areas - hemorrhoids and fissures. With internal hemorrhoids and integrated syringe fits onto the tube-eminent nozzle spray. When the nozzle is closely received, it is introduced into the anus, then the appropriate amount of the ointment is squeezed, then the head is removed. Evening before bedtime ointment has the most effective action.


   Japonica, velvet tree bark, bark, pear hawthorn, bletilly rhizome, root pseudo ginseng, licorice root.

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