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Nutrition and health care

Gan Zhi Shu

Ganoderma  in the pharmacopeia and renowned medical products in China has been nicknamed as the elixir of youth, tamersk straps, as well as detoxification ganoderma  has a distinct property, as well as Ganoderma  has been nicknamed: hangover (sobering), has a hangover and hepatoprotective effect.


Chang Bai Shan ganoderma, loquat, Chinese magnolia vine, wild honey linden.

The product is recommended: 

People with high mental stress at work and at home, with impaired operation of the liver, depressive mood, irritable state, as well as people who often take alcoholic beverages, has a protective certain functions of the liver.

Dosing to protect the liver: 

   Take 2 times a day, in the morning and at bedtime, each time with 1 ml sachet 4., Dissolve in a glass of warm water. Based on the individual differences of the body, allowed increase product adoption. Overdose is not dangerous for the body.

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