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Ozonator - 3188

 Basically work Ozonator uses natural mechanism for obtaining ozone after a lightning strike. Air is drawn through an opening in the bottom of the unit block in the high-frequency generator and a high-voltage discharge treated. The resulting high concentration of ozone is used for disinfection and removal of microbes.

Ozonator is used for:

 - disinfection 

 - deodorization

 - Food processing (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, eggs)

 - Cleaning and ozonation air

 - Bleaching linen and give it color

 - Elimination of chlorine

 - Mineral waters

 - Elimination of dandruff

 - Oral

 - Getting rid of blackheads

 - Pet care

 - Care for the aquarium

 - Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract

 - Elimination of fungal diseases

Disinfect vegetables, fruits and other foods, remove pesticides, food safety guarantees.

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