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HAPPINESS toothpaste – whitening teeth and taking off the stains

HAPPINESS toothpaste – whitening teeth and taking off the stains 

[Ingredients] water, advanced silicon millstone, propylene glycol, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium phytic acid fruit extract, sodium pyrophosphate, grapefruit, saccharin sodium

[Usage and dosage] oral experts remind you of brushing your teeth in the morning and at night 2 times a day, each time 2-3 minutes to gain best effect. 

It has breakthrough formula, containing a new generation of super stains off factor. It can effectively relieve tea stains, coffee stains caused by lifestyle or tooth surface pigmentation, dark yellow, and such oral exogenous problems as dental calculus caused by eating habits. And it helps teeth form whitening protection film, reduce the regeneration of stains on the teeth and restore the original bright and cleanness.

It provides teeth with the needed nutrition, maintains teeth health, and makes teeth more solid like diamonds and fresh, making you confident and vigorous every day!

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