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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

‘Xue Ban Lu’ (Blood Purification), 50 SV

A natural herbal medication, the effectiveness and safety of which is confirmed by clinical studies.

This product is a natural herbal medication, the effectiveness and safety of which is con-firmed by clinical studies.

The Xiyuan Medical Institute of the Chinese Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Prevention, along with other authoritative organi-zations, have been conducting clinical tests of Xue Ban Lu capsules on a large number of patients for three years and came to the following conclusions:

• it makes the walls of blood vessels elastic and significantly reduces blood pressure and the level of fat in the blood;

• it cleans the blood, eliminates cholesterol plaques and removes toxins during infec-tious diseases;

• contributes to a significant decrease in both diastolic and systolic pressure, and, what is more, the pressure is stabilized without a subsequent reactive increase; 

• enhances the health effect during the treatment of hypertension by more than 50%.


• normalizes blood fat, slows down the development of atherosclerosis, coronary car-diopathy, strokes, heart attack. It gently relieves spasms of smooth muscles, softens athero-sclerotic plaques, restores the elasticity of blood vessels. It also prevents adhesion of plate-lets, promotes blood thinning and, consequently, improves blood flow in the capillaries, ensuring uninterrupted blood circulation;

• revitalizes blood supply to the brain and heart: improves the capillary blood circula-tion of vital organs, restores their damaged cells, slows down aging, increases resistance to oxygen starvation;

• prevents diseases or inhibits their development: made with strict adherence to all the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the drug is able to prevent such conditions as: bradycardia, feeling cold in the legs, drowsiness, palpitations, headache, senile dementia.

Valerian, astragalus, red-rooted salvia, lotus

• high blood pressure, fat, sugar and increased blood viscosity, which is accompa-nied by frequent headaches, dizziness, chest pain, rapid breathing and heartbeat, inatten-tion, fatigue, loss of strength, numbness of the arms and legs, insomnia, forgetfulness, etc.;

• diseases of the blood vessels of the heart and brain - hypertensive cardiopathy, coronary cardiopathy, angina pectoris, to people who have suffered a myocardial infarc-tion, suffering from heart rhythm disorders, hypertension, people after a stroke;

• weak and painful people, including those with impaired liver and kidney function, with a high content of toxic substances in the blood as a result of long-term use of medica-tions; 

• people leading an unhealthy lifestyle: physical and mental stress at work, the need to work at night, adverse environmental conditions, physical inactivity, accumulation of harmful substances in the body, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking;

• people with impaired hormonal balance: obesity, dry skin, strongly marked wrin-kles, skin pigmentation, premature aging of the body;

• people working in hazardous industries.

Directions for use:  

For preventive treatment: 1 capsule 2-3 times a day.

For treatment:  the dosage of the drug is selected individually.