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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

Cordyceps ‘1+1 Effect’, 50 SV

Cordyceps with regenerating and healing effect. 

This product incorporates, not only three higher medicinal fungi, but also the most valua-ble plants such as jujube and astragalus. This recipe makes it possible to restore the balance of Yin-Yang, enhance immunity, fight cancer, and maintain the health of the spleen, liver and stomach. 
In addition to cordyceps, this product also includes another representative of higher fungi – the lingzhi fungus, an indispensable component of the sacred ‘drugs of immortali-ty’ of Taoist saints. Due to its absolute non-toxicity, this fungus, even in those times, was used by healers as a means of curing many diseases, rejuvenating the body and enhancing human intellectual abilities, as a means of improving memory, attention, hearing and eye-sight. Furthermore, the overall life expectancy is increased with regular long-term use. 
• it nourishes and restores the energy composition of the cell;
• regulates the immune function;
• reduces the level of fats and sugar in the blood;
• reduces blood pressure;
• fights various tumors, acute leukemia;
• stimulates the function of blood formation;
• fights the effects of radiation;
• protects cells from the damaging effect of free radicals;
• prevents stroke, senile dementia, struggles with aging;
• enhances immunity and resistance to diseases, reduces fatigue;
• provides the body with the necessary active substances, quickly restores physical strength and energy;
• improves memory and mental abilities, increases activity;
• restores and maintains normal functioning of the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys;
• has an obvious effect in the prevention and treatment of such diseases of the diges-tive system as gastritis, colitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, allergic rhinitis, etc.

Presentation: 10 bottles, 20 ml each. 

Cordyceps, Chinese wood sponge, lingzhi (ganoderma), Jujube (Chi-nese date), honey, rhizome of webbed honey-leaved astralagus, water. 
• all allergic and autoimmune diseases;
• cardiovascular diseases, especially in hypertension;
• viral hepatitis and other liver diseases; 
• infectious diseases;
• diseases of lungs, kidneys, stomach;
• cancer;  
• for the treatment of alcoholism and alcohol intoxication. 

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. 
For preventive treatment: 2-3 ml 2 times a day before meals (it is advisable to hold it under the tongue for 5 minutes and swallow it). 
For treatment: the drug dose is selected individually.