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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

Ozoniser, 180 SV

Ozoniser for cleaning water, air, food, household items.

The principle of operation of the Ozoniser includes the natural mechanism of ozone production after a lightning discharge. Air is drawn in through the hole in the bottom of the device into the generator block where it is subjected to exposure to high-voltage discharge. The received high-concentration ozone is used to disinfect and eliminate microbes.


1) Bactericidal effect.

- Ozone kills 99.9% of harmful microbes in the air.

- Ozone kills 100% of intestinal bacilli; copes with staphylococcus for 95.5%.

2) Impact on viruses.

- Ozone is 100% effective against the hepatitis B virus and papillomavirus! It is 99% effective against the flu virus.

3) Impact on fungi.

- Ozone destroys various types of mold. Ozone dissolved in water copes with black mold and yeast fungus with 100% effectiveness.

Additional information:

Magic power of baths in ozonized water. Bathing in ozonized water contributes not only to relaxation, but also to cleansing the body of dirt, microbes, bacteria and unpleasant odor. Using ozonized water, it is possible to cure many of chronical diseases.

The Ozoniser is used for:

- disinfection;

- deodorization;

- processing of food products (meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, eggs);

- cleaning and ozonizing of air;

- bleaching clothes and coloring it;

- eliminating chlorine;

- eliminating dandruff;

- treatment (processing) of the oral cavity;

- getting rid of acne;

- pet care;

- improvement of the gastrointestinal tract;

- eliminating fungal diseases.

Series: SY-810

Dimensions: 260 * 160 * 45MM

Rated power: 9 volts

Productivity of active oxygen: 400 mg / h

Rated voltage: 220V / 50Hz

1) Water purification.

Put the cap into a container with water and set the operating time. For one glass of water you need to set 5 minutes, for 10 liters of water – 15-20 minutes. It is recommended to hold the water for 10 minutes after processing. The prepared water can be used for various household needs, for example, washing, washing fruits, vegetables, boiling (tea or coffee), cooking first courses, stewed fruit etc. The properties of the processed water are maintained for 48 hours.

2) Processing meat.

Thoroughly wash the meat, cut it into portions, soak for 10 minutes, then process via putting a tube with a cap into the water for 10-15 minutes.

3) Processing vegetables and fruit.

Put vegetables or fruits into water, place a tube with the cap and process for 15 minutes in order to remove toxic chemicals.

4) Processing eggs.

Place the hose with the cap into the dish with eggs and process them for 10 minutes. As a result, the shelf life of eggs is extended.

5) Air purification.

The device (without a tube), if possible, should be set to a higher level by setting the operation time to 10-15 minutes. The area of the services premises is up to 70 sq. m. As a result, tobacco smoke and other unpleasant odors are eliminated, the air is enriched with ozone and becomes more like the forest air (like after a thunderstorm).

6) Elimination of an unpleasant odor in household appliances.

The plastic tube (without the cap) is placed into the refrigerator or washing machine, and the device is turned on for 10-15 minutes for complete deodorization. The door of the refrigerator and the window of the washing machine should not be covered tight so as not to clamp the pipe.

7) Processing bedclothes and underwear.

Put bedclothes or underwear in a pack, where you put the tube without the cap. Tie the pack without clamping the tube and disinfect it for 10-15 minutes. This method is very convenient for processing baby clothes and diapers, as it eliminates the need for ironing.

8) Following the oral hygiene.

To remove the bad breath and to treat the teeth, use water immediately after its ozonizing. 

9) Keeping the color of linen.

The use of ozonized water when washing linen and clothes gives the products brightness, contrast, freshness, and also produces disinfection.

10) Skin care.

To make the face skin smooth and fresh, you should wash it every day with ozonized water. It also provides deep cleansing of the face pores and completely removes makeup.

11) Elimination of acne.

To effectively remove the acne, it is necessary to wash your face with ozonized water every day and blown the sore spots with ozone (using the tube without the cap) for 2-3 minutes within 7 days. To get a better effect, it is recommended to drink a glass of ozonized water and wash your face with it. 

12) Sanitation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Drinking ozonized water helps to balance the acid-base balance in the body and activates metabolic processes.

13) Elimination of fungal diseases.

You need to wash your feet with ozonized water, process the areas of the feet affected by fungus with ozone (air tube without caps).

14) Bathing in ozonized water.

Bathing in ozonized water has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole, namely: it relieves fatigue, removes toxins from the body, supports good sleep, improves the condition of body skin (makes it smooth and elastic), helps during rheumatism, skin diseases, migraine etc. The water in the bath should not exceed the level of the breast, the temperature should be 38-40 degrees, the duration of bath should be no longer than 20 minutes.

15) Elimination of dandruff.

It is necessary to rinse the hair with ozonized water without sedimentation twice a week.

16) Pet care.

To disinfect the pets, you should process them with the end of the tube without caps.

17) Slowing down the process of cancer development.

Regular consumption of ozonized water and bathing in it (1-2 times a week) slows down the development of skin cancer by 40% and of other tumors by 30%.