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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

Pillow with Tourmaline Microparticles, 120 SV

Pillow with Tourmaline Microparticles from natural cotton. Healthy sleeping, recovery.

At the heart of SHENGLONG pillows, which are crafted from natural cotton with tourmaline microparticles, lies not only a system to reduce pressure and head heaviness, but also strengthens the construction of the natural support for the neck. This corresponds to the theory of recovery ‘cold head, warm feet’ and promotes healthy sleep. 

Infrared ceramic powder in the cervical area, which emits magnetic energy, and long-wave infrared ways charge the body with energy. The outer tissue consists of antibacterial organic cotton with jacquard weave, the texture of which is soft, smooth and tender to the touch. Studies have proved that prolonged use of the pillow has an antibacterial effect against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus for more than 95%. It creates a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for your sleep.

The SHENGLONG sanitary pillow from natural cotton with tourmaline microparticles has an elegant, beautiful appearance, ergonomic design, it includes the natural jadeite stone. 

The Happiness series of health pillows is presented in shades of gray; gray is a neutral color which is suitable for men and women, it symbolizes simplicity, calmness, elegance, that is why gray remains such a fashionable shade.