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Anti-inflammatory Hemorrhoidal Ointment, 10 SV

Ointment for prevention and treatment. 

Most people suffering from a delicate problem would like to get rid of it without surgery. Drugs for hemorrhoids can have various forms of presentation. Among them, ointment is one of the most common means for the local treatment for hemorrhoids.

Ointment for hemorrhoids includes active anti-inflammatory, antitumor, wound healing and painkilling substances that improve blood circulation and vascular tone. Not only does the ointment relieve the symptoms, but it also allows you to achieve full recovery. It is well tolerated and is reliable. The effectiveness of the ointment and the variety of its healing properties is preconditioned by a unique combination of components.


• antipyretic;

• absorbable;

• pain reliever. 

It has a preventive and therapeutic effect. 

Pseudolarix amabilis, yellow sophora, golden cypress, dried ripe fruits of the Monnier cnidium root, scolopendra, snake venom, stearic acid, soft paraffin, glycerin, methylparaben, triethanolamine, tannic acid, chlorhexidine acetate.

The ointment is intended for external use twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. For external hemorrhoids, the ointment is directly applied to problematic areas – hemorrhoids and fissures. For internal and complex hemorrhoids, the ointment is inserted rectally with a cone-shaped nozzle. Using the ointment at night brings the most effect. 


• in the case of an allergic reaction, stop use;

• it is prohibited to smoke, consume alcohol, spicy and fatty foods.