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Female Breast Plaster, 5 SV

Plaster to prevent the mastopathy. Promotes the resorption nodular formations and alleviates the pain. 

Mastopathy is a benign breast disease that manifests itself in the pathological growth of its connective tissue, which occurs against the background of a hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body. Having a significant impact on the woman’s health, mastopathy in some cases can lead to the emergence of such a terrible disease as breast cancer. In most cases, mastopathy has a nodular, diffuse form which must be mandatorily treated. Composed according to the recipe of the ancient healers of the East, a health-improving and prophylactic plaster for the female breast helps to cope with the disease in question.            
It is an absolutely harmless and effective product, the components of which are natural healing herbs.

• contributes to the prophylaxis of mastopathy and resorption of nodules in the breast;          

• improves blood circulation and lymph circulation; 

• relieves pain.

Corydalis, safflower, vaccaria, frankincense, angelica, and 20 other species of plants. 

Mastopathy, benign lesions in the breast, breast pains. The plaster is applied for prophylactic purposes and in combination with other products of the company.

To put a plaster on a painful place on a dry clean area of the skin of the breast for 3 days (during this time do not wet the plaster). The next plaster can be applied in 5 hours.             

For treatment: 6 plasters. 3-4 courses are recommended for the best result.