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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

‘Rejuvenation Formula’ Capsules, 50 SV

Capsules for natural hormonal balance recovery, counteracting the aging process.

The traditional Chinese medicine believes that the medicinal plant ‘caltrops’ effectively counteracts the aging process and has a positive effect on the physiological functions of women.

The hormone ‘estrogen’, which is produced by the endocrine system, is necessary for the woman’s health, her delicate and velvety skin, vigorous condition, and beautiful body. Maintaining normal estrogen level enhances the vitality and youth of a woman and is the key to her health and beauty. ‘Rejuvenation Formula’ is an effective natural and non-hormonal regulator of the source of woman’s hormones (hypothalamus-pituitary-ovaries). Supplying plant steroid nuclei, it increases the body’s ability to release estrogen and thereby regulate the physiological functions of women, as well as to counteract the aging process.

The product is completely natural and non-hormonal! 

Presentation: 90 capsules * 350 mg. 

Caltrops extract, talc, starch. 

It is recommended to use for:

• prolonging youth: it regulates hormonal balance, postpones the onset of menopause, and improves the condition during menopausal syndrome;

• healthy body: increases of the muscle elasticity, including the breast; reduces excess body fat, provides elegance and slim figure; establishes the menstrual cycle, painful sensations disappear during menstruation; eliminates breast pains, muscular pains, swellings and other symptoms; diffusion of ‘hormone-dependent’ neoplasms;

• beautiful skin: it gives healthy blushes on cheeks, make skin smooth, lack of pigmentation, reduces the depth of wrinkles;

• soulful comfort: better sleep, disappearance of insomnia, shallow sleep and drowsiness; 

• emotional stability: disappearance of irritability, depression, sadness, and menopause problems; 

• calcium absorption: restoration of calcium absorption mechanism by releasing the body’s own estrogen, strengthening of bones, joints, as well as removal of pain syndrome caused by osteoporosis; 

• enhancing immunity: has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action;

• preventing gynecological diseases: improves the quality of sexual life. 

Directions for use:

Preventative treatment: 1 capsule 2 times a day: 5-7 pm, 9-11 pm

Treatment: the product dosage is selected individually.