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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

Rejuvenation Tampon, 7.5 SV

Tampon with herbs to adjust the hormons and restore the body.

This product contains more than 10 types of the most valuable natural herbs. In the form of herbs, they regenerate the vaginal cells, restore the elasticity of the vaginal wall, restore hormonal balance, push aside and also contribute to a soft flow of menopause, normalize the menstrual cycle; are also used to prevent gynecological diseases. Tampons eliminate vaginal dryness, regenerate cells, normalize the microbial flora, increase sexuality. 

• The tampon regulates the function of the female genital organs.
• With continuous use, the complexion is improved, the pigment spots are lightened, giving the woman charm and beauty.
• The tampon is designed to prevent gynecological diseases and slow the aging process. 

Angelica, tapioca, asparagus root, liriope, cistanche.

Before using it is necessary to conduct intimate hygiene. Insert 1 tampon every evening. The period of use of 1 tampon is 24 hours. Insert it deep into the vagina, the tip of the thread should be outside. At the end of the period, the tampon must be removed, after that, douching with 2 liters of saline or boiled water should be made.