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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

Slimming tea, 40 SV

Improves digestion, relaxes the intestines and normalizes stool, removes toxins, regulates the gastrointestinal tract, moisturizes the facial skin, promotes weight loss and recovery of the body.

The effect of the constituent components:

Oolong tea effect: 

1. Oolong Tea has the same anti-aging effects as Vitamin E. In the case of taking sufficient amount of vitamin C daily, drinking oolong tea can maintain a high level of vitamin C in the blood, reduce the amount of vitamin C excreted in the urine. Therefore, drinking oolong tea can enhance the body's anti-aging ability in many ways.

2. The action of oolong tea for weight loss occurs by burning fat, since one of the main components of tea is tannic acid; it is directly involved in the processes of fat metabolism in the body. Oolong tea also lowers blood cholesterol.

Common water plantain effect:

1. Diuresis to reduce moisture: Slowly absorbed dried plantain roots stimulate urination; therefore reduce dampness in the body. They can be used to treat dysuria caused by the accumulation of water, dampness, edema and other symptoms. (2) Dried plantain roots with the help of diuresis can stimulate urination and excretion of feces; this ingredient can be used to treat the stomach and spleen, and sometimes it can cause diarrhea.

2. Diuretic effect: dried plantain roots have a diuretic effect, are able to increase urine output, increase urea and chloride excretion, a more vivid effect is observed in people with kidney inflammation.

Cassia seeds effect:

1. Treatment of constipation: Cassia seeds contain emodin, which is active against intestinal heat and dryness, and has a positive effect of clearing heat and moistening the intestines.

2. For weight loss: cassia seeds reduce fat synthesis as well as stimulate fat splitting.

Red sage roots effect:

1. Red sage roots have the effect of delaying cell oxidation and aging: if taken in appropriate amount, sage can delay aging; it contains substances that can increase the activity of human cells as well as eliminates and inhibits the enzymes that cause human aging.

Lotus leaves effect:

1. Fats decomposition and reduction for weight loss: The lotus leaves contain rich amount of various lipid alkaloids, which can decompose excessive fat in the human body, and can also form a layer of fat isolation on the intestinal walls, thereby preventing fat accumulation and absorption to achieve effective fat-reducing effect.

2. Elimination of constipation, detoxification and skin nourishment: promote intestinal peristalsis, facilitate detoxification, and achieve the effect of detoxification and proper skin nourishment. People with constipation drink four cups of lotus leaf tea every day, which can effectively help defecate, and it is better to drink detox and lose weight when fasting or before meals.

3. Draining diuresis and improving metabolism: lotus leaf tea can improve the efficiency of human metabolism. People with draining diuresis, office workers or those who suffer from edema can drink lotus leaf tea.

Chinese wolfberry effect:

1. Anti-aging effect: Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides can obviously improve the phagocytic function of phagocytic cells, improve the proliferation ability of lymphocytes, and can play an anti-aging role.

2. Anti-fatigue effect: Chinese wolfberry has a very obvious effect on eliminating fatigue.

3. Anti-radiation damage: Chinese wolfberry can resist Y-ray radiation and protect the body.

4. Skin nourishment: wolfberry has a very significant effect on skin nourishment and protection.

Chinese knotweed effect:

Anti-aging effect: It has anti-oxidation and anti-aging functions. Knotweed extract can stimulate thymus cell proliferation, delay age degenerative atrophy, obviously promote cellular immunity and regulate humoral immunity, enhance the body's resistance as well as prolong life.

Presentation: 2.5 g × 30 bags

Ingredients: Oolong tea, alisma plantago-aquatica / common water plantain, cassia seeds, red sage roots, lotus leaf, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese knotweed

Directions for use: people suffering from obesity and overweight

Note: this product cannot replace drugs

Properties: improves digestion, relaxes the intestines and normalizes stool, removes toxins, regulates the gastrointestinal tract, moisturizes the facial skin, promotes weight loss and recovery of the body.

Directions for use: 1 bag, 3 times daily, brew for 5 minutes in hot water.

Storage conditions: keep in cool, dry, and protected from sunlight place.