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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

‘WHITE +’ Shenglong Toothpaste, 10 SV

Oral care. Daily care.

The unique composition of this product, containing special granules, which qualitatively clean the surface of the teeth, effectively removes stains on the teeth, plaque, and traces of coffee and tea. 


• eliminates yellowing which arises due to daily nutrition of a person;

• removes calculus;

• restores tooth enamel;

• slows down the formation of new sediments;

• restores the natural whiteness of teeth;

• provides the gums with all the necessary vitamins, taking care of gums’ health, ensuring that your gums do not bleed;

• gives fresh breath and confidence in every day. 

Sorbitol, water, hydro-quartz ore, sodium lauryl sulfate, essence, methyl cellulose, polyethylene glycol 400, sodium phytic acid, sodium phytic acid, hydroxypropyl guar gum gelatin, sodium saccharin, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, lithium magnesium silicate, sodium benzoate, titanium dioxide.

To keep your teeth and gums healthy, the dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day during 2-3 minutes in the morning and evening.