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Health. Beauty. Longevity.

Diagnostic test

This test was created with the purpose of providing you organism self-check by answering 48 YES/NO questions, which more or less describe your condition today.

1. Lack of energy, fatigue

2. Frequent illnesses (various, more than 2 per year)

3. Unpleasant body and/or mouth odor

4. Digestion difficulties

5. Consumption of meat more than 3 times per week

6. Painful, irregular periods

7. Use of antibiotics more than once per year

8. Use of alcohol more than once per week

9. Frequent mood swings

10. Food allergies

11. Swelling of the legs, under the eyes

12. Smoking

13. Distraction (inattention), poor memory

14. Low immunity

15. Heartburn, belching and flatulence after eating

16. Frequent or excessive stress

17. Problems, blemishes, skin defects or poor complexion, warts, papillomas, acne

18. Excessive carbohydrate intake, craving for sweets, excessive body weight

19. Excessive consumption of dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream)

20. Worsening of mood, dispiritedness, apathy, depression

21. Insomnia/restless, inadequate sleep and rest, nightmares

22. Problems associated with menopause, hot flashes, bleeding, hypertensive crises, gynecological surgery

23. Frequent urination, more than 6 times per day

24. Hair loss, baldness

25. Joint swelling and joint pain, gout, spurs

26. Difficulties in maintaining normal weight

27. Rapid fatigue during physical exercises

28. Non-compliance with the diet, poor nutrition (eating in the evening, fastfood, drinking tea and coffee after meals)

29. Slow recovery, poor wound healing

30. Irregular bowel movements, constipation, diarrhea

31. Lack of appetite (poor appetite)

32. Low sexual activity, low sexual desire (low libido)

33. Thin and brittle nails

34. Dry, damaged, dull, split hair

35. Consumption of fatty foods, pork, lard

36. Sense of fear, worry, stress, anxiety, jealously, isolation, fear of the crowd

37. Lack of fiber in the diet (raw vegetables and fruits)

38. Muscle cramps/spasms, heart rhythm disorder

39. Unfavorable environment

40. Consumption of (drinking) tea, coffee more than 2 times a day

41. Increased irritability, hot-temperedness

42. Hypersensitivity to chemicals, preservatives, colorants in food (E), drugs

43. Yeast fungal infections, seborrhea, candida

44. Muscle weakness, bone fragility, scoliosis

45. Constant worry, excessive fussiness

46. Excessive excitability, irritability, anger, negativity, "everything's bad"

47. Sedentary lifestyle, little physical activity

48. Increased excretion (expectoration) of sputum, cough