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Long-term Special Offers

"Breakthrough in 100 days" Strategy

"Breakthrough in 100 days" Strategy

According to the international market development plans for the 4th quarter of 2020, at this difficult time, when people all over the world are facing the epidemic of coronavirus infection, Happiness company management feels responsibility to help people and, therefore, as a token of gratitude and in order to support partners, the company announces a special offer.

2020 Year-long Special Offer

2020 Year-long Special Offer

Special offer period: weeks of 543-589

Participants: all HAPPINESS partners

Special offer regulations:

Recommendation of new partners during the period of special offer, their assistance in receiving additional leadership remuneration.

10th Anniversary Special Offer to Support Developing Markets

10th Anniversary Special Offer to Support Developing Markets

Goal: to help developing markets’ partners participate in the 10th anniversary, improve turnover and team growth.

Period: 533-548 weeks (26.11.2019 – 16.03.2020) total amount of 16 weeks.

Regions: Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan Conditions: the developing markets’ partners are requested to fulfill the following conditions during the special offer period...